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V-Ride II 52"

V-Ride II 52"

Featuring a comfortable operator platform with first-class suspension that minimizes fatigue, the V-Ride II™ delivers a natural, intuitive and smooth riding position the entire day. With unrivaled performance, stability and durability, this machine helps keep you in tip-top condition to get the job done day after day, year after year.

General Type: Heavy-duty industrial/commercial
Brand: Kawasaki
Model: FX730V
Horsepower: 23 HP @ 3600 RPM
Type: 4 cycle gas, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical shaft engine
Displacement: 726 cc (44.3 cubic inch)
Cylinders: 2 cast-iron cylinder liners
Governor: Mechanical type governor with variable speed control set at 3600 rpm (±100 rpm), idle set at 1550 rpm (±150 rpm)
Air Intake Group: Large capacity 2-stage canister air filter
Exhaust: Single canister muffler
Fuel Pump Group: Pulse-type fuel pump with in-line filter; twin-barrel, internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid
Oil Pump Group: Full pressure lubrication with oil filter
Starter/Electrical: Electronic ignition with solenoid shift starter
Charging System: 13 amp

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